Technical Expertise

We understand that complex and international markets require first-class knowledge and support. At IMCD we invest strongly in technical expertise, as well as sales and marketing excellence, to meet our customers’ and suppliers’ needs.
In Istanbul, Türkiye, IMCD maintains three cutting-edge technical centers. Our Coatings & Construction, Food & Nutrition, and Beauty & Personal Care laboratories provide technical and application-specific knowledge, assisting our partners in developing and fine-tuning formulations and manufacturing processes.
Our technical centers also serve as training facilities, where our partners can gain specialist knowledge as well as innovation and formulation help. Our local experts give training and customized support to help you find the best solution for your specific problem.

Discover our technical centres in İstanbul

Coatings & Construction

In our Istanbul laboratories, we combine our industry knowledge with the equipment required for your formulation goals.
Food & Nutrition
The Istanbul Food Laboratory is part of a global network of food laboratories that specialize in diverse fields.
Beauty & Personal Care
We give on-demand formulation training and sample prototypes to our customers in our Beauty and Personal Care laboratory in Istanbul to assess the efficacy and sensory appeal of our solutions.

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