The Dekluron range from Jan Dekker offers high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate as a high purity single ingredient or as a water-based solution. Sodium hyaluronate is the easily water soluble form of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occuring compound in the human body. High molecular weight sodium hyaluronate plays an important role in the protection of cells, maintaining tissue integrity, moisture retention and offers anti-inflammatory activity. High molecular weight hyaluronate performs an important function in skin tissues, where it can modify the mechanical properties of skin, improving the skin barrier and increasing hydration. Also because its unique lubricating and moisturization properties, it is a versatile ingredient in cosmetics. The Dekluron range is focused on hydration.


  • High molecular weight sodium hyaluronate
  • Similar to the substance present in human tissue
  • High purity single ingredient
  • Water-based liquid solution
  • Improves skin barrier and moisturization
  • Anti-inflammatory

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