WACKER’s PRIMIS® brand covers specialty high-value dispersions based on high-performance acrylate copolymers, as well as a range of high-value additives. PRIMIS® enables customers to develop products with unique properties that are otherwise difficult to achieve.


  • The PRIMIS® portfolio comprises:
  • - innovative, highly resistant, waterborne dispersions featuring high molecular weight, ultra-fine particle size, and both oleophobic and hydrophobic properties. They are used to formulate a new generation of stain-resistant surface treatment products, easy-to-clean interior wall paints and dirt-repellent exterior wall paints.
  • - Siliconized polymer dispersion as surface treatment of mineral floorings for increased stain and abrasion resistance
  • - High-performance additives for exterior paints and plasters in cold environments
  • - Binders for quality exterior paints with best-in-class dirt pick-up resistance and color stability

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